Joe in Butler, PA

Joe in Butler, PA

Hi, I’m Joe! I put this blog together to talk about my passion regarding Chiropractic, health, and wellness. I’m so passionate about it because of the amazing health transformation I’ve experienced. As a kid growing up I had a host of issues. Most of which I’ve thankfully remedied with Chiropractic care and nutrition.

I live in Butler County, PA and enjoy life just like most people. Some of my other passions are skiing, fishing, and hiking.

I’ve spent years researching and experimenting (that’s what I call testing out doctors, until I’ve found ones that work for me), until I’ve finally achieved a moderate or “normal” level of health.

So if you’re passionate like me about health or just looking to cure an ailment you have, then stay keep reading my blog as I’m sure to have what you’re looking for.