9 Tips for a Healthy Spine

Way to many people are affected by back pain and believe it to be a normal fact of life. But the truth is that it’s not normal and there are a whole host of remedies and cures.

In fact, I’m going to take you through a list of about 9 different tips that will keep your back and spine healthy. Which should help keep that dreaded back pain away!

Pay special attention to #9. Visiting a chiropractor butler will make a world of difference.

  1. Get Good Rest
    It almost goes without saying, but getting a good night rest constantly is going to make a world of difference. Why… because your body needs a good night sleep in order to repair itself and revitalize you for the next day. Miss out on this critical thing and you’ll start down a slippery slope, which can magnify any small injury.
  2. Drink Enough Water
    We may take it for granted but water is absolutely necessary to maintain the body’s soft tissue elasticity. That elasticity is what keeps you movable and prevents aches and pains. In fact, if you don’t get enough water the discs between your vertebra will shrink and cause not only back pain but many other health problems.
  3. Lift Right
    This should be obvious but it still needs to be said as most people don’t know how to do it right, or just don’t do it right. Don’t lift with your back. Instead lift with your knees. Take a look at the picture below. You’ll see the proper way to lift. Trust me your back will be thanking you later on.

    How to lift correctly

    How to lift correctly

  4. Lose Weight
    Yes weight can be a huge factor in why you have back pain or an unhealthy spine. Just think about all that extra stress and strain your putting on your spine. If your over-weight then the best thing you can do for your self is to lose weight. Find a successful weight loss program from a doctor near you and start losing those pounds!
  5. Be Active
    Staying active will keep your tissues and muscles tone, stretched and healthy, which all leads to a healthy spine – not to mention pain free. So I suggest keeping a workout routine. The easiest and healthiest way to do this is make it one of the first things you do every day. Wake up, get a drink of water, get dressed, and get to the gym or go for a run!
  6. Listen for Warning Signs
    If your paying attention to your body, most cases you can tell when your about to over exert your self and/or get injured. Pay attention to the pain you’ve had before, just before you got injured, and when that happens again, make sure to stop and/or apply what your doing at a lower gradient.
  7. Sit Right
    Sitting has become America’s past time. I mean, really! All we do is sit. We sit at work, we sit in our cars, we sit when we watch TV. But are you sitting correctly? Now that’s the question! Make sure your knees are horizontal with the floor, with your feet flat on the ground. Do this without having to slouch. It’s also important to take breaks from long period of sitting. Get up and stretch, stand for a bit, etc.
  8. Quit Smoking
    You may be wondering what in the world smoking has to do with this. Well, it’s been found that smokers are prone to developing back pain. I’m not exactly sure on the mechanics why, and doctors might not be either. But I can speculate it’s related to weakening the soft tissues and discs around the spine. Which can be cause by the fact that nicotine restricts blood flow to areas. And the discs of the spine already get a limited supply of blood so smoking compounds the issue.
  9. Regular Chiropractic Visits
    Yep! Regular visits to your chiropractor will keep your spine healthy. Chiropractors are trained to spot and correct subluxations of the spinal vertebra which lead to back pain and a whole bag of nasty symptoms that you might never assume where related. Even if your Chiropractor doesn’t adjust your spine every visit, it’s still important to visit them to get checked as to whether or not your spine needs an adjustment.

So there you have it! That’s 9 different tips to keep your spine healthy and keep you back pain free. Let me know what you think of this, please leave a comment below. Good or bad, let me know what you think.